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Where My Friends Are: How to Share Your Location in the Google Maps App
Where my friends are, or how to share your location in the Google Maps app The Google Maps mobile app includes a feature that allows you to share your location with your friends, a feature familiar to Apple users through the Find Your Friends app. With the help of “Google Maps” owners of iPhone, iPad […]
The Best Mobile Maps for Tourists
Content– OsmAnd Mobile Maps– ViewRanger mobile maps– Locus Map mobile maps– Soviet Military Maps” Mobile Maps– Fatmap mobile maps– Maps. me mobile mapsOne of the most important skills in camping is orienteering. You need to be able to read a map, understand the terrain and topographic indications. In serious hiking is better to go with […]
My Tracks - Recording Your Route in Android
I really love to ride my bike. Ever since I was a child I have been interested in questions: how fast I ride, how much distance I cover and in what time? Before the advent of cell phones, all kinds of mechanical and pseudo-electronic devices had to be installed on bicycles to get this information. […]
Switzerland Released an App for Solo Travelers
Switzerland released an app for solo travelers Switzerland has released an app for solo travelers who want to travel around the country by train. It offers eight ready-made itineraries with popular places and attractions. The mechanics are simple: you install the app, turn on geolocation, choose a route and start at the nearest train station. […]
Top 8 Best Tour Search Apps for 2020
Choosing the best booking app is 50% of a successful vacationIn today’s world, information decides everything and it is the information that is crucial to finding the right tour. If you’re having trouble choosing the best option, use a proven booking app. We have chosen for you the most popular of them, we hope that […]