Top 8 Best Tour Search Apps for 2020

Top 8 Best Tour Search Apps for 2020

Choosing the best booking app is 50% of a successful vacation
In today’s world, information decides everything and it is the information that is crucial to finding the right tour. If you’re having trouble choosing the best option, use a proven booking app. We have chosen for you the most popular of them, we hope that with their help you will quickly find the tour of your dreams!

The well-known Travelata – pros and cons

Tested – to find a great tour for your wallet is enough to spend only 15 seconds! Convenient search filters, you can put a tour in the cart and keep track of price changes, in addition, the offer price already includes a so-called fuel surcharge. However, as many tourists say, the prices offered here are not always discounted, and to find a good option you will have to scroll through several intrusive advertisements.

Check your level of travel with Level.Travel

This app is used by many tour operators. The secret is simple, this is where the best hot tours appear at super discounted prices. In the application you can put a reservation with an instant freeze price. Tours can be selected according to various parameters, such as type of hotel, the possibility of buying a package of additional services and excursions. During the search, you can select options such as proximity to the sea, only breakfast, tour package. In the application, you can collect bonus points, which eventually help you make serious savings on your next purchase.

The most popular flight search app Aviasales

As you know, choosing a tour is not the most important thing. It is very important to properly plan the ability to quickly find airline tickets, especially when there may be several connections. Here will come to the rescue of a fairly popular and proven application – Aviasales. In the application you can find a convenient option for connecting flights. Over 700 hundred of the world’s airlines offer their services here at a time. You can select both business and economy class. It is possible to choose a ticket for children, with or without luggage, with the option of food and insurance.

What is useful application Hotellok

This app allows you to find a place to rest or sleep overnight, or full accommodation without the help of a tour operator. You can choose whether you need a bed, or a full room, or maybe a separate house with a view of the ocean. With the app you can compare prices in the same geography, or choose lodging based on a certain amount that you have. To help vacationers, the app offers a handy hotel map.

For those who like active holidays and take care of their health – Tripinsurance app

The most important app for those who want to protect themselves while traveling. It allows you to take out insurance when you are in a particular part of the world. Here you can find a solution in case of an emergency while on vacation. In addition, you can get a doctor’s consultation online, as well as make a call to the insurance company or your tour operator.

Online guide anywhere in the world – TouristEye

If you’re an avid traveler and want to find the best vacation option, it’s best to turn to travel fans just like you. And the TouristEye app is just that. Here you’ll find first-hand reviews of this or that tour, or vacation spot. You’ll be able to put together your itinerary and share it with others. You won’t miss the slightest detail, and experienced travelers will help you do just that.

Free vacation lodging with Couchsurfing

This is truly a godsend for those who love saving money on the road. The app is literally flooded with offers of free overnight accommodations anywhere in the world. To get on the app, you have to fill out a small questionnaire and register. However, there is a disadvantage – in order to be invited to a free overnight stay, you need to constantly improve your rating in the app. In this case, the chances of being invited to stay with you increase. Reviews are very important. Both you and anyone can leave a comment about you.

And here it is WikiRoutes – make your coolest route

It’s not just an app, it’s a mini encyclopedia. How else could it be, because this is an online publication for tourists with the prefix – “wiki”. Here you will not just see the data, and get all the reliable information about the place where you find or where you plan to go. Here you will find complete information – where to eat, refuel, what transport to choose, including fares. All information is constantly updated – everyone can add their comments or photos.

We hope that with our top apps you will choose your perfect tour, save on a trip and find the best places to rest and informative excursions!