Top 10 Useful Applications for the iPhone

Top 10 Useful Applications for the iPhone

Top – 10 useful applications for the iPhone – ranking of popular apps on iOS
There are thousands and thousands of programs in the AppStore with different purposes: some process photos, others keep a to-do list, others help “apple” to communicate. So how do you choose iPhone apps to make it as useful and functional as possible? A simple way is to study the top free apps and choose the best option or several at once for any purpose.


A kind of personal events log. In the application you can enter text entries, add photos (up to 10 for one note), describing everything that is important and interesting happened in life.
The features of the electronic diary developed by Apple:
– choice of journals with backgrounds and names;
setting event reminders; transferring, deleting and other actions with the records;
– Adding the date, appropriate music, place, etc. to the note.
You can enter the program by fingerprint. Backup notes and export the information to a PDF or text file. The program works on the Mac, iPhone, iPad and smart watches.
Download the electronic diary is free. There are also premium features available for a fee.


Allows you to enhance, add effects to photos and videos.
What is useful about this program:
1. Real-time shooting adjustments by going to Camera.
2. correcting contrast, sharpening, removing grain in photos, and editing videos.
3. storing your edits in a separate Library.
4. You can add filters to still images (you can buy new ones or use free ones).
5. For inspiration, you can visit the Discover tab, where the best shots of the week are posted.
An additional plus is cloud synchronization with other “apple” gadgets.


Software for super high-speed messaging and making calls in a super-secure application – this is the main feature of “Telegram”. You can install it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

What else you can do here:
– Send any type of photo and video, there is no size limit;
create chats for up to 200 000 people;
– set up bots for certain tasks;
– edit videos and photos, use stickers;
follow bloggers and channels of various topics.
There is no need to allocate space in the memory of the gadget to store history – a Telegram cloud is provided for this purpose. The interface is simple and clear. Difficulties with the use of the utility do not arise.


Capacious mobile storage for storing content: news, instructions, articles, recipes, videos and anything else you can find on the web.

View the accumulated information is available on XS Space Gray another gadget at any time. In doing so, you can:
– explore “the best content on the web” (on any topic from any publication), which is tracked and verified in the software;
– make the display comfortable for the eyes with the help of the settings in the application;
* choose background themes;
– enable listening to news, articles and other things.
Saved information is available for study even without connecting the device to the Internet. There are premium features, such as advanced search, but this is for a fee.

Google Maps

Allows you not to get lost in any corner of the globe.

The application for the eleventh or another iPhone is:
GPS navigation; data on traffic jams;
– bus routes, trolley buses and other transport;
* information about local attractions;
– list and location of companies, cafes and restaurants.
The information is updated, allowing you to build a successful route, taking into account changes in the situation on the roads, for example, there is a new traffic jam or the repair of the tracks. Offline maps are also available here, so even without the Internet you can travel in unfamiliar areas without fear of getting lost.


All the latest news in one place-comfortable? This program monitors all kinds of sources (e.g., YouTube, Twitter, blogs) and provides access to information.

In addition, the aggregator:
– Allows you to create a personalized news feed;
– search by keywords, such as “smartphone”;
– allows you to organize news sources by dividing them by topic;
– allocates “boards” for storing interesting information.
Font size, scale, news design – this can be changed in the settings of this useful news application.


Makes it easy to download, upload and share media content on your iPhone (like 11 Pro Max) and iPad. Supports simultaneous downloads of up to 50 files.

What’s in this software:
– downloading in the background;
– player for audio recordings with the ability to create favorite playlists;
– file viewer that can be opened in programs installed on “apple” gadgets;
– extensive settings (you can clear the history of visits to pages, manage passwords from accounts on sites, block ads, etc.).
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Files are uploaded to a separate folder, from where you can delete, change names, sort.


A reader app for iPhone (e.g. Eight in a shade of Gold) or an iOS tablet.
What is in this prog:
– fast book loading;
– easy search through the created library;
– comfortable for the eyes text formatting;
– reading in any orientation of the screen;
* highlighting of favorite fragments and saving them into the Citatnik;
– special mode for those who like to read at night.
You can go into the settings of the program and change, for example, a mode of viewing text. The only drawback – the reader is paid, but the cost is relatively low.


Simple and useful application for iPhone (e.g. XR Black) or iPad. Comes in handy for creating a to-do list and managing tasks.

What you can do in this prog:
– Separate tasks by topic, such as work or home tasks, and create separate lists for them;
– create reminders of important dates, and specify due dates for scheduled tasks;
add files to tasks and comment on them;
– to use the lists created together with your colleagues, relatives or friends;
in the application to distribute tasks;
– save web pages and articles.
The program synchronizes quickly and easily with other gadgets from the “Apple” family. You can instantly create and find tasks using the key combination CTRL + OPTION (ALT) + W.


Need a guide to help you make bargains at the Apple store? Then this lightweight program on your seventh or other iPhone is just what you need.

A guide to the App Store up to date with sales and new products. This program:
– instantly tells you about interesting apps that you can test for free, and new products;
*can send messages to email and push messages;
– allows you to get detailed information about the seller.
The program integrates with the App-Community, due to which you can find out what utilities are installed at friends with “apple phones”.
Most of the presented software can be downloaded for free, some have premium options that require payment. But even the free functionality is enough for full use of the programs. You can choose an application for all occasions: to process photos, learn the news, read books, make bargains and much, much more.