How to Install Phone Spyware by Subscriber Number

How to Install Phone Spyware by Subscriber Number

Installing spyware on your smartphone is not a problem if you have at least short-term access to it. After such an event, you track all your movements on your personal account on the service site. But what if you do not have access to a smartphone, and you want to track? And then you stumble upon such a concept as subscriber tracking by phone number… And that is why you ended up here.

We have to disappoint you – such a concept certainly exists, but it is not available to you. First of all, we recommend that you read this: wiretapping by phone number. In a nutshell, the link describes several ways to collect information from a tracked subscriber without installing a cheating spouse app on it. This is most often done by authorized agencies to find and wiretap criminal elements. But there are certain differences between wiretapping and location tracking, we will talk about them below.

Surveillance by phone number without the consent of the subscriber is a remote geolocation – tracking of movements (or tracking) using the data of mobile operators. Operators always know what base towers of the network their sim card is in, but they see it approximately. This information can be obtained by security experts on official request. That is, these specialists are able to guide any person. Global tracking system, so to speak. In this case, the accuracy of positioning will be the same as if you use the navigation in your smartphone with disabled GPS. That is, very approximate.

It is important to understand that you can turn on the GPS module yourself, but the network operator has no such opportunity to control your phone. As well as will not be able to use information from your GPS to their advantage.

It is clear that operators do not give access to information for everyone.

So, access to the data of a mobile operator is the prerogative of the intelligence services. Such geolocation is very approximate. On the other hand, if you looked at the material at the link above, you saw that there is a way to get technical information after it is decoded. For eavesdropping such technology can still be used, but for the surveillance of the phone number without the consent of the subscriber it makes no sense at all. The question is to read the information from the subscriber at an acceptable level close to him. I.e. you should be nearby a priori, but you will get only an approximate location after complicated signal decoding procedure This makes no sense.

Specific devices designed specifically for geolocation are all sorts of trackers. They are built on the basis of a combination of two modules – module for determination of current coordinates (GPS) and module for transmission of coordinates along the set route (GSM), for example to the server on the Internet. It is clear that to connect the tracker to the cellular network, it needs a SIM card with a separate number. And therefore we can say that getting information from the tracker is also to some extent tracked by phone number.

Moreover, the tracking function itself can be hardware implemented as part of more versatile devices, such as children’s watches with GPS. Or it can be software implemented on smartphones, by installing parental control software or mobile spyware.

And all of this is tracked by the SIM cards installed inside the gadgets.

How do I keep track of my phone without installing a program on it?


The most proven, reliable, and most importantly, legal way to spy on a person’s phone is to install spyware on his/her phone. That is, in order to be able to spy on a person on the phone, you need to use a spyware program. The leader in monitoring and parental control software is the FlexiSpy application.

Installing the program will require one-time physical access to the phone (android or iPhone) that you intend to monitor. On a jailbroken iPhone/iPad FlexiSpy can be installed remotely, just know access to iCloud, and make sure that two-factor authentication is disabled for logging into iCloud.

After installing FlexiSpy on the phone it does not matter what number a person uses. After all, the spyware was installed on the phone itself (android, smartphone, iphone). Even if the SIM card was changed every day.

Innovative and easy to install and use program FlexiSpy will give you invaluable assistance in the surveillance of cell phone Android (with root-without root)/ iPhone (with-jailbreak-without jailbreak), as well as Mac/WIDOWS.

Now you can remotely view all the information you are interested in at any time from the phone you are monitoring. Read messages and view the log of calls made from someone else’s phone will now be possible without hiding.

This is an example of just a small part of the information you get when you spy on a phone:

FlexiSpy takes care of their customers by constantly maintaining a stable service. We are also expanding our existing services.

You can see for yourself if you decide to install our spy phone tracking software:

We hope that our team has helped you to understand this issue.

After downloading FlexiSpy, you can say with confidence that spying on someone’s cell phone is possible!

Cell phone has become an integral part of almost everyone’s life these days. The smartphone has found its permanent home in the purse of the wife, in the jacket pocket of the husband and the backpack of the child. Or maybe it’s an unscrupulous employee of your company?

If for some reason FlexiSpy does not meet your surveillance and monitoring requirements you can install mSpy app. A detailed description of its features can be found in our article mSpy review.

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FlexiSpy for Android and iPhone

FlexiSpy. This program was originally classified as a mobile trojan because of its aggressive behavior; but then it started behaving softer and was dropped from the mobile trojan category. It allows you to spy on cell phones and tablets.

Offers about 130 features, including those that Mspy is equipped with. Of the unique features: video camera access, wallpaper viewer.

Just like Mspy, it uses a secure internet account to collect and share information – using a client-server architecture, with a web interface.

How to monitor your wife’s phone on Android

The issue of adultery was as acute many years ago as it is now. Many husbands and wives do not fully trust each other and at times want to check with whom their beloved is communicating. It must be said that with the advent of cell phones, personal life has become less personal. With a number of programs, you can track where a person is, you can find out who he calls and from whom he receives text messages.

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It is possible to follow a person legally and illegally. It should be remembered that it is illegal to collect absolutely any information without a person’s consent. Illegal invasion of privacy can be punishable by varying degrees of severity, depending on the country you are in.

Legally, a person can only be tracked if he or she provides the data for surveillance himself or herself. Such surveillance does not contradict ethical and legal norms.

A smartphone can be a great tool for surveillance. Thanks to a mobile device it is possible to obtain such data:

Many may say that following a person with a smartphone is at least unethical. It’s hard to argue with that. But we should not forget that such a function can also be used for good purposes. For example, the smartphone can be left in the house during the absence and track what is happening at that time in the dwelling. Spyware helps keep track of children’s movements, which is very important in our turbulent times.

You can keep track of another person without installing additional programs and equipment. This will help the built-in functionality of Google Maps. You can turn on the “Show me where I am” feature in Google Maps. But you can only follow your spouse this way if you have access to email and contact information on both smartphones.

If you look at the reviews of users, you can use two programs for spying – WardenCam and TrackView. Both of these cheaters app for android work identically.

WardenCam has some advantages. It has the ability to connect an account in Dropbox, this service allows you to store videos taken by your smartphone. However, this program does not work correctly on some mobile devices.

The TrackView application is somewhat more functional, it is suitable for smartphones of any manufacturer. Thanks to this program you can organize high-quality video surveillance, track the location of the device and control the microphone. This program will help to keep an eye on your child, on your home during your absence and even quickly find your car in case of theft, if your smartphone is in it.

With TrackView, you can negotiate with owners of other devices that are connected to the account.

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