Experience Using iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max: What You Need to Know After a Month of Use

Experience Using iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max: What You Need to Know After a Month of Use

Hello, dear readers. The month since the purchase of IPhone 11 Pro Max and IPhone 11 flew by unnoticed and it’s time to pass on all the usage experiences that usually don’t make it into full-length reviews.
Most of the focus will be on the IPhone 11 Pro max, as it has more changes – compared to last year’s previous model. But, since the IPhone 11 is also a bit like it, with some technology, we’ll talk about it, too. So it will be interesting, make yourselves comfortable and let’s start with the appearance.

The chic matte back side is not exactly green. Most likely you’ll have to buy a case, because the smartphone is wildly slippery and you’re unlikely to want to test the durability of even the most durable of all IPhone glass.

And here is an expensive original a clear case, used for both IPhone and IPhone 11 Pro max, which does not cover the design beauty, I personally was disappointed. As some people wrote in the comments to the review, even with a small number of removals of the smartphone from the case, it gives weakness and cracks appear.

There are several weaknesses and the combined material of the case does not save it. Another nuance: when talking on the iPhone with this case there is almost always an outline on my head. With other cases I have not noticed this. It’s time to buy the original Apple case, especially since I really like it. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s worth it. Although, there may be some substitutes – you can write about them in the comments.

By the way, there was an assumption that because of the protruding lenses the camera unit will quickly get clogged with dust and will have to wipe it constantly. This has not been confirmed (at least in my conditions of use – even if you put a clear through which creates an additional frame, which in theory should also stop contamination).

I don’t have any problems with it. Dust does get on, but there is very little of it. Surprisingly, the display is not scratched at all, but that’s just luck. The glass is the same durability as before – in a year scratches just in the trash, so protect it.
In a month of using the device made sure that the battery life is always top notch and this is the longest-lasting and longest-living on a single charge iPhone. In the history of the company’s stable days of use it gave even when I used the smartphone as an access point for the iPad.

And just for the sake of this, it is already possible to upgrade. If for someone it is critical, and who does not have 10 pairs or 11, which also have excellent battery life.

A very common question asked in the comments is how much the dark theme in the iPhone saves battery life. I’ve always said that in theory it does. Well, I don’t know exactly how much, but people have already tested it in practice.
The guys at the foundation did an experiment with a motorized tip and proved that there is an increase in battery life. When the iPhone with the light theme lasted seven and a half hours and discharged again, its twin with the dark mode still had a margin of 30 percent, and that’s really a lot.

But, again, I can’t stop repeating – use dark if it is comfortable for your eyes. Some people don’t like dark mode at all, and I understand those people. Some use dark mode only on a schedule – like me, for example, from dusk to dawn. Otherwise, I hate it when you’re walking down the street at night, take out your smartphone, and it’s blinding you with its glow, and there’s a dark theme and everything’s fine.

And someone at all, in order to save battery power, goes to all lengths, turns on the dark mode and sets the brightness below the comfortable. Or they set the screen saver to a black wallpaper, so that the pixels in the oled matrix are turned off and don’t consume power at all. Or turns on the power-saving mode or turns off the smartphone at all. Well, that’s their right, I’m not judging anyone.
Probably the only tangible disadvantage of the 2019 flagships was the absence of 3DTouch – smartphones lost a bit in the speed of opening these menus. I personally from the lack of 3DTouch only gained annoyance when the camera or flashlight accidentally starts up on the locked screen.

Moreover, this happens not in my pockets of clothes, but when I pick up the smartphone with my hands. Otherwise, the model is quite pleasant.

For the operating system with games and programs, alas, there are no more additional tools. For those who are not aware, let me remind you that the iPhone 10 and 11 do not have 3DTouch.

Now for the display: it is, in principle, awesome. I can point out one strange thing: whether it’s on or off, it’s hard to see normal balance on the iPhone’s Oled matrix (that’s me about the picture). In general, regardless of where you are in the IOS interface, review some movie or trailer.

All the same, the ips-matrix of the same 11 iPhone in color rendering is nicer and if the color changes, it is a warm yellow or cool blue. The 11 Promax can even output green, but the color is only noticeable when comparing head-to-head.
The specifics of our vision are such that it adapts very quickly to both yellow and even green shades. But these are insidious little things, which people who have taken a course in color management or are at least a little bit engaged in painting, will immediately notice.
Now about cameras: night mode turned out to be a very handy thing, and thanks to automatic switching on you will use it almost always – especially in low light conditions. But be careful: blurring is possible, especially when the IPhone is set on a slow shutter speed, so immediately double-check the photos after taking them.

But you won’t use the ultra wide shutter in low light conditions and there is no optical stabilization. But here, in principle, the algorithms work fine: there is no night mode, the glass is dark, and the matrix size is small. During the day – yes, everything is awesome, beautiful and in fact I often use it.

Full breakdown is on the channel – there you have to choose: either you get a little sharper images, but far away, or choose to capture a photo out of frame, so that later in post-production, if someone has something cropped, tweak. I personally chose the out-of-frame photo capture function for everyday use.
But if I need to take some staged photos and there is no DSLR nearby, I certainly will not forget to turn on deepfjuzen. Although, the mechanism to start this function needs to be worked on – at least the resolution is allowed to change directly from the camera app. And it’s convenient – that’s what everyone asked for. Sometimes you need to pull something out for instagram to immediately slice and run.

On the performance of the smartphone I can highlight only one drawback – either because of f13, or because of insufficient RAM, in this model (as in the past) often even a recently launched application when re-opened through multitasking mode starts to run again, and this is sometimes annoying.

I have an assumption that this has to do with power saving. Apple definitely still has a lot to strive for, I would really like Always ondisplay. In short, there is much to strive for in the development of the software of this model. But, at the moment, I personally as a user of IPhone 11 pro max just loved it.
I was using the IPhone 10 cmax for another year, and I say I really miss the battery life on this device. They did add, let them take away the same 3d touch as opposed, although between 3d touch and autonomy I will definitely choose the latter, given my experience with the devices.
Since this time I published a late review, I will answer the most interesting question of our column – is it worth to change 10 max to 11 pro max? It definitely depends on what your goals are. If you need an ultra wide angle, of course you should probably switch.
If you need a longer battery life, well, it would probably be easier to buy some kind of PowerBank or a battery case, and enjoy your device. At least for the difference, when you have to add more to buy one of the Promax, you definitely won’t save on that difference – so rather no than yes.

But, again, it all depends on what you need – whether the 10 isno 11 pro is worth the change, or whether it’s better to wait for the twelfth already. The bottom line is that the 10r and 11 Pro are devices from different price categories, from different segments.
10r and 11 – this is the basic line of Iphone models, and 10 with Pro and 11 ProMax – this is already, let’s say, the premium segment, where there are no compromises in relation to the basic line. So the question is a little bit incorrect, and it all depends on what you are pursuing in iron.
And between the 10 and 11 ProMax and even between the 10r and 10s is a much more significantly normal screen on the iPhone 1s after the 7. Plus, of course, the pixel density on the iPhone 11 is less. But, again, it’s not that noticeable. Here I personally have a spouse who switched from the iPhone 10 to the iPhone11 – that is, the iPhone 10 is high pixel density and the iPhone 11, which is not even FullHD + with a lower resolution and less PPI.
Personally, I did not feel discomfort, but everyone has their own requirements,and different eyesight. So I strongly recommend to go to the showroom and head-on compare these smartphones. After that you will decide for yourself whether you are satisfied or not, how much scratched phones, which one is more scratched.
Both smartphones were in cases, because my wife often drops the phones. And my IPhone is one of the Promax ones. I am a more careful user, but the phone is also always in a case, because it has a matte surface – and it is really very slippery, you do not want to take risks (I will not take risks).

Has the camera opening speed been improved? It opened faster in the GalaxyNote 10. Well, the GalaxyNote 10 is smarter, but there is the GalaxyA 80. Let’s check: both smartphones have the camera unloaded from multitasking mode. That is, apparently, no, not accelerated. GalaxyA 80 is a little faster, but it is some seconds. Although, on the other hand 1 second for a good dynamic frame is even a lot.

You also ask about memory: the new iPhone takes photos clearly. Most likely, they weigh a decent amount. The price difference between the 64 GB and 256 GB versions is a bit big – but then everyone decides for himself.
Don’t forget that after a month the photo will be deleted automatically if you haven’t made any changes before that time. So, in principle, this is the space that will be freed up on its own.
Also, I purposely compared on my computer the weight of the pictures with and without the deep function turned on – there is virtually no difference. And in general the weight of the pictures, compared to the Iphone 10 with almost no change, of course in the new format hage and on average the pictures on the new models of the device take from 2 to 6 megabytes. So, in principle, you can see for yourself and weigh how many photos to take and how much memory you need for it.
Although, personally, I think that the photo is not the main source of filling the memory, well, just because there is ICloud or google photos, where you can download everything, but recording video – another thing.
That’s the thing that really comes in handy, well, as well as all your offline content – such as downloaded games (they’re not small) or, for example, to throw recorded movies for later viewing offline.
So here you see for yourself – do not look up to me, because I only have test games for the upcoming collection can be downloaded 50 or even 70 gigabytes. Plus as a person who always shoots, I need to have free space for recording video in 4k with 60 frames framerate, and that is at least 100 gigabytes. That’s it.