Can I Hack My Husband’s or Boyfriend’s Phone Android?

Can I Hack My Husband’s or Boyfriend’s Phone Android?

Bypassing the graphical password on your phone is pretty easy if you have your Google account. This is a fairly easy way to bypass the graphical password, as they say, without loss. It is available in most models of modern electronic gadgets with a touch screen. Some versions of android devices allow you to apply the following method to unlock a locked phone. As long as the app for android is not locked, it will appear each time you turn on the device and you will be able to enter the gadget menu without entering your password.

In addition to the above harmless ways to bypass the password on your tablet or smartphone, the following are also worth noting. Quite radical, but the most effective way to bypass a forgotten password on the phone, is a hard reset of the device. Unfortunately, with this method of password bypassing you can’t do without losses, because during a hard reset absolutely all the files and even this phone book will be erased from the phone.

So, this method of password bypassing should be used only when all the methods are tried and you have failed to enter the menu of your smartphone or tablet. And so, you can perform a hard reset of your gadget according to the following instructions. A hard reset is the best way to bypass the password on your phone. But even if your smartphone or tablet is, as they say, full of valuable files and apps cheaters use, you will still have to put up with their loss. To avoid such mishaps, it’s best to periodically copy information from your phone to your computer, save valuable photos and other files to your PC.

You can also use various applications for this purpose, which create backup copies of data on your phone.

The use of passwords on smartphones and tablets is designed to protect personal information from insidious schemes and just other people’s prying eyes. But, as we’ve already read, setting a password can play a cruel trick on the owner of the gadget itself. It’s naive to think that if your locked gadget is stolen, criminals won’t be able to use it.

Graphical and digital passwords in the skillful hands of a professional can easily be bypassed. The only less reliable novelty of some modern gadgets is a fingerprint scanner on your phone.

And some craftsmen have already learned how to bypass this method of protection of the device, but not at home. Today we can find a lot of ways to get personal messages from users. But when we ask ourselves this question, we should remember that the final result depends on the choice of approach and performer.

If you need to hack someone, I advise you to look at the section “Order Hack”. A little later I will tell you the main reasons and opportunities to gain access to the page of his beloved. What to do if you get cheated?

If you want to hack your wife’s page or do not know how to hack a page of her husband, read the article below right now! I will tell you how to hack any account of your significant other! I’m sure almost everyone has come across the thought of wanting to know what his or her spouse is communicating with friends and girlfriends about.

All have to do it all over again Answer Hello! How do I protect myself from having the information fall into the wrong hands? Please tell me how it is possible that my correspondence is automatically visible to an unauthorized person, that is, he sees all of my dialogues and media files. It is not obvious to me. Does your gadget make a noise or does the screen go off when not in use? We’re sorry this has happened to you in your life, but we can’t help you as we don’t do hacking, we have an informational site.

I, too, once came to the point that this is very important. But not always the search for a solution to the question of how to hack a page based only on curiosity. Many come to this guided by a desire to test the fidelity of their significant other or justify their trust in her. I have tried to highlight a few of the most popular reasons why people may wonder how to hack their husband or wife’s phone.

One answer to any question is for work; – Passwords have appeared on the phone and in all applications; – When leaving, the object of mistrust puts the phone with the screen down or tries to take it with him. These seemingly insignificant moments can lead to the idea that the person who does this has some secrets.

Not everyone will like living with someone who has secrets, especially those related to cheating. There are many ways to check on your husband or wife.

But all of the above approaches will not be as effective as trying to hack the social network or messenger in which they are used to communicate. Let’s figure out together what we can basically try to hack and see.

With the advent of the Internet in people’s lives, a large number of platforms for communication and interaction have appeared. All means for communication can be divided into several groups. Social networks, which are online services designed to organize and provide interaction on the Internet. Messengers – web services that allow instant messaging.

The most used are – Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram. Postal programs – free software that allows you to organize the reception and sending of emails. Yandex and Gmail mailboxes are most commonly used. Ways to hack your significant other Need to hack your spouse’s page in any social network or messenger? I will tell you about the main ways how to hack your wife’s page or your husband’s password!

Each of the groups listed above has its own approach to accessing personal emails.

Often people start their attempts to break in by picking up the most common passwords, which might consist of that person’s date of birth or their name. But when these attempts are unsuccessful, they turn to search engines, which can offer several solutions to the problem. About the different ways to get an account is discussed in more detail in the section: “Methods of hacking“. But here I would just like to consider once again which of them are the most popular.

With this method, you can try to test the loyalty of your loved one by giving him a fake authorization page on the site. After the person clicks on the fake link, they will enter their username and password, which will eventually reach you. It should be noted that this method is good that the owner will not realize that someone has got his confidential information. These are special programs allowing to intercept network traffic. With their help, it is possible to trace the cache of your device, which contains authorization information. I have seen on the Internet quite a lot of proposals of specialized programs that could help to get the saved login and password.

But it should be said that you should not trust them right away. Most of them turn out to be fakes or tricks of swindlers only dreaming to get more profit from naive users. Its principle is elementary and simple for a skilled specialist: a special program defines vulnerable parts of the code and then a unique code is inserted there allowing the user to get desired data.

This approach will suit you if you are close to the person you want to check. To tell the truth, I started with it myself and now sometimes use it to crack simple passwords.

I read the correspondence and was a little shocked. Lied right to my face. Already written above, but I repeat. Wake up,if you have such things going on in your relationship why do you need this man? Or have you given up on yourself? You should drive such people away from yourself. You do not need to catch it by the hand,if you have a present but not sick jealousy then trust yourself and go away.

Believe me,if you were wrong a good man will not let you go and will prove to you that you were wrong.


The modern smartphone user spends more time playing games, visiting social networks and sending SMS messages than directly on the phone. Therefore, wanting to test your partner for fidelity, it is enough to find a way to read someone else’s correspondence. Already this can give complete and comprehensive information on the issue of interest.

The optimal option in this case is a software solution. Modern specialized software allows you to hack a smartphone so subtly that the leak of information will be invisible to its owner. Whereas, the user of the program gets the ability to read other people’s texts and not only.


Taking care of your partner is not limited to nice gifts or on time cooked dinner, sometimes we go further and read other people’s texts, rightfully considering them as our own. This provides our sanity, and allows us to correct the direction of the loved one, preventing even an attempt to turn left.

That is why it is better right now for free to download from our resource software, allowing you to read someone else’s correspondence, and manage it. Getting a minute access to someone else’s smartphone, and installing the application, you can:

  • view the text of a text message;
  • block specific outgoing or incoming messages;
  • gain access to correspondence sent to social networks.

There is no resonance to be distracted by listening to phone calls, it is often inside the messages that contain confidential information.


You can access other people’s correspondence directly from your own mobile device or via a remote server, through an Internet browser. While we read other people’s messages the following features are available:

  • determining the local coordinates of the subscriber;
  • listening to phone conversations;
  • access to the contents of a smartphone.

Such service provides full information about the partner and the opportunity not only to control your loved one, but to make him a pleasant surprise.

Do not leave yourself in the dark, download from us free software and install it on the phone of interest will allow you to view other people’s sms, completely invisible to the subscriber.