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Top 10 Useful Applications for the iPhone
Top – 10 useful applications for the iPhone – ranking of popular apps on iOSThere are thousands and thousands of programs in the AppStore with different purposes: some process photos, others keep a to-do list, others help “apple” to communicate. So how do you choose iPhone apps to make it as useful and functional as […]
What Is a Shared Photostream and How to Use It on the iPhone and iPad
Apple developers have done a lot of work to improve the functionality of standard apps in iOS 7. Today we’re going to look at the photo sharing feature in the Photos app, which allows you to quickly create a photo album and share it with your friends and family. All invited users, in turn, will […]
Experience Using iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max: What You Need to Know After a Month of Use
Hello, dear readers. The month since the purchase of IPhone 11 Pro Max and IPhone 11 flew by unnoticed and it’s time to pass on all the usage experiences that usually don’t make it into full-length reviews.Most of the focus will be on the IPhone 11 Pro max, as it has more changes – compared […]