10 Best Tracker Apps for Tracking Your Phone Online

“I need the best tracker app possible. I need an app that will help me track my phone secretly from its owner. Can you help?”

We’ve been getting questions like this a lot lately. So many people want to know how to track someone’s phone without their owner noticing. The reasons for this may vary.

Some people say they have lost their own phone and want to find it. To do this, they need to determine the GPS coordinates of the device’s location.

Others would like to track their children’s movements during the day to find out where they spend their time while their parents are at work.

Often such requests come from people who want to check to see if their spouse or business partner is cheating. Employers sometimes want to check where their employees are during the day.

The reasons for surveillance may be different, but all these people need the same thing – a cell phone tracker, which has a wide range of functions, works stealthily and steadily, and is inexpensive (or free).

In this article, we’ll cover all the best cell phone tracking apps currently available. Keep reading to get acquainted with the 10 best smartphone tracker apps.

MSPY Best Tracker App

The mSpy app costs slightly less than Cocospy. While it doesn’t have as many features as Cocospy, in the low-cost locator app segment, mSpy is one of the best options. mSpy works great with both Android phones and iPhones.

Phone “spy” programs that allow you to listen to other people’s calls or track the location of your owner appeared quite a long time ago. However, their effectiveness is regularly increasing, as well as the number of available functions. Regardless of whether you want to install the program on your wife’s phone or not to get caught on the “hook” yourself, it is worth exploring the most advanced products for Android and iOS in more detail. And our app rating will help.

Follow these steps to track someone’s smartphone with mSpy:

Step 1: Buy an mSpy subscription, which is available for both phone and computer. Users are offered three types of packages – Basic, Premium and Family. If you only need to locate the phone, then the “Basic” package is enough.

The Premium package includes geofencing, which we talked about above. And the “Family” package is suitable for users who need to monitor several devices at the same time.

Step 2: After completing the payment, you will receive an email confirming your purchase to the specified email address.

Step 3: In this email you will find a link to sign in to your personal account and instructions on how to install mSpy on the phone you want to track.

Step 4: Now you can choose between the version without firmware hacking (location detection only) or the version with smartphone firmware hacking (location detection + geofencing).

To track your iPhone without jailbreaking, you will need to provide a username and password to sign in to the iCloud account linked to it. If you choose the version with firmware hacking, you’ll have to gain physical access to your smartphone, hack the firmware, and install the app directly on your smartphone.

Step 5: Done! You can keep track of your phone’s movements. Click on the “Location” button on the toolbar on the left side of the screen to see where your smartphone is now.

Visit the official mSpy website or try the demo version of the app >>.

Cocospy tracker app

Cocospy is a relatively new cell phone tracker app. However, it has already managed to take a leading position in the tracker segment due to its high reliability and efficiency. Millions of users all over the world prefer Cocospy.

So, we’ve talked about what makes Cocospy the best tracker app. Now let’s figure out how to use it. To begin with, it should be noted that the process of installing Cocospy on an Android phone and on an iPhone will be different.

Step 1: Create an account on the Cocospy website.

Step 2: Android – Download the Cocospy app and install it on the phone you want to monitor.

Step 3: iOS – Find out the login settings for the iCloud account linked to that phone. Specify these settings in the appropriate fields of your Cocospy account.

Step 4: Now you can find out where the smartphone of interest is located. Open the “Locations” tab in your personal Cocospy account and watch your phone’s movements on the map. You can also view the history of your movements during the day.

By following a few simple steps, you will have access to information about your smartphone owner’s movements.

Spyzie app

We gave the Spyzie app third place in our ranking. It effectively determines the GPS coordinates of the smartphone, as well as provides data on the history of its movements.

If the low cost of the app is an important factor for you when choosing a tracker to track your Android smartphone, we can recommend the hoverwatch app. Hoverwatch is a quality Android cell phone location app at a reasonable price.

This app can use GPS signals from any WiFi points near your phone to determine its location.

Howerwatch app

Hoverwatch displays the smartphone owner’s location on a detailed map. Users can also access any information about the phone’s location through a dashboard in their personal area.

iKeyMonitor: tracking app

iKeyMonitor offers a simple and very user-friendly interface that will suit even the most unsophisticated users. This application identifies your smartphone’s GPS coordinates at certain intervals, which you can set yourself.

The application iKeyMonitor allows you to get periodically updated information about the location of the phone, find out its exact GPS-coordinates, watch the movements on the map and read the time stamps of the individual points of the route.

Before you purchase iKeyMonitor, there is a free 3 day trial or you can try out the demo version which is available online.


FlexiSPY is also considered one of the very worthy locator applications. It offers two modes of GPS position acquisition – continuous or on-demand.

In “Continuous” mode the app will update the location of your smartphone the whole time. In “On Demand” mode you will receive GPS coordinates of the phone only on your request. This mode is much less demanding on your phone battery.

FlexiSPY also displays the location of the object on a map and allows you to download data on its movements. It is worth noting that this application is very expensive compared to competitors.


XNSPY quickly and efficiently locates your smartphone’s GPS coordinates. With XNSPY you can track the whereabouts of your child, spouse, or coworker anytime, on any device.

XNSPY provides not only the current coordinates of the phone but also information about all the places visited by the owner.

You can also find out the latitude and longitude values as well as the address of the place where the smartphone you are tracking is located. GPS coordinates have date and time stamps. Before you purchase a subscription to XNSPY, try the demo version of this app.

Spyera spy app

Spyera is a fairly effective GPS positioning app that offers basic features. With it, you will be able to track Android or iOS devices from your phone, tablet or computer.

The Spyera app doesn’t have the “advanced” features that other apps can boast. But if you only need data on the phone owner’s location, it might be enough.

In addition, there is an option for a refund within 10 days of buying the app if you are not satisfied with something.

Some users told us that 10 days are quite enough for them to track someone’s smartphone, after which they issue a refund. So Spyera can basically be categorized as a free tracker app.

TheTruthSpy app

We like that TheTruthSpy app provides the option to download a free 48-hour trial. This helps you decide whether to buy its full version or not.

Highster Mobile is not particularly “cool”, but it is quite possible to determine the coordinates of a smartphone of interest to you.

The advantage of Highster Mobile is that you can buy it once and forever, which means that you will not have to pay additional fees for subscription renewal. That’s why Highster Mobile gets the title of the cheapest tracker app in our leaderboard.

Now you know the answer to the question of how you can track your cell phone online for free. Personally, I recommend choosing the mSpy app – it has many different features and is the most reliable. I would be happy to hear your feedback about any tracker apps in the comments of this article.