The Top 10 Best Video Editing and Production Software

We review the very best video editing software for filmmaking, clips, skits and other production

What is the best video editing software for me? Well, the answer to that really depends on more factors than just a simple solution. There are quite a few options out there right now that may be more suitable to your particular video production needs. That’s why we took the time to find the top 10 best video editing software in the market, list the highlight features of each, and who they would be best for. We made sure to provide some free trials in case you wanted to try them out first. We’ve also further added some resources and sample videos to give you more aid in deciding which is best for you.

Video editing software is what makes or breaks a movie, skit, vlog and more — you can always have some creative shots, angles and mere idea\plot\story-line for a video, but being able to piece it all together before showing the world your beautiful creation is just as important. To put it bluntly, video editing software enables the user to trim, splice, cut and arrange video clips across the timeline, add effects, sync up sounds and music, fix some mistakes and more. The more versatile your software is, the more possibilities you have at your fingertips.

With the development of technology, video editing software now includes many more extra features that enable the user to edit the look, feel and sound in the video in more ways we can count. This is where the real magic happens.

This guy is definitely using the best video editing software since he has three screens, right?
You don’t necessarily need three screens like this guy, but without video editing software, you’re missing half of the production battle.

Picking the right video software for you

  • Budget – Money is a pretty important factor in life, right? Well, when purchasing not only the camera for your video-making adventures but software as well, it’s going to have a price. As compared to music production software, video editing programs can be a bit costly depending on what you want to grab. However, aside from the heavy-hitters we have in here, there are also some pretty cheap solutions we’ve found to help those on a budget and aren’t into the whole bells and whistles thing when it comes to video editing. Read our free video editing software guide if you want to try some other, less-known yet price-free solutions if you’d like, or you can always settle for a video editing app if that’s what you need as well.
  • Beginner, semi-pro or expert? Well, these are pretty broad terms, but to expand upon this factor, need to make sure what level you’re at (or where you see yourself getting to). This will not only determine which price-point to check out (since a lot of the more advanced software offer crazy features for a higher price), but which program you’ll be able to use right away. We do however recommend thinking of the future as well — if you want to eventually become better at editing videos, you can choose one of our top picks and slowly learn as you go (since aside from price, they’re pretty user-friendly when it comes to making basic videos).
  • Mac or Windows? Nowadays, operating system compatibility is becoming more and more flexible as time goes on. However, there are a few very popular video production programs that may entail you to make sure you’re good to go (such as going with Final Cut Pro over Premiere, etc.). We’ll make sure we include this information if it’s important for the software.
  • Try the trials! We’ve provided links to the software’s respective free trials, which pretty much all of these brands are happy to give out (for a limited time or limit on features you can use).
  • Check out the tutorials – You’ll get a better grip on how the look and feel of the video editing software will provide you. Although we highlight the notable features of each and who it pertains to, a big must in determining which program is best for you is how you foresee yourself using it and the work flow you’ll be getting.
  • Do you still need a camera? Some of the popular video cameras out there include DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, as well as action and sports. We’ve linked you to their respective guides in case you still need to decide on which camera you’ll be using to make your videos with
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