Easy Ways to Root Android Phone

If you have ever heard about Android and jailbreaking in a single context, chances are that you must be considering Rooting. It is a way of unlocking Android’s operating system which will allow a user to install unapproved apps, update the OS, install deleted or unwanted bloatware, replace the firmware, underclock (or overclock) the processor, customize about anything, etc. 

So, how to root Android phone? Here are some helpful tips that can help address this question.

Preparation is Key

To begin addressing the question, how to root Android phone, there are a few preparatory steps to be followed. This depends on the method of rooting to be used, some of which require installation of Android SDK and sometimes even unlocking the bootloader. It might sound technical but it is not very difficult in reality. Once you know how to use these tools, you’ll be able to control the situation in case anything goes wrong. 

Unlocking of bootloader will heavily depend on the kind of android phone being used. LG, Sony, HTC, and Motorola are some brands that have a cryptographic token which can be used for unlocking the bootloader. It is important to remember that the unlocking of bootloader might affect the warranty status of the phone.

Rooting Apps

Kingo Root and One Click Root are two of the commercial rooting apps that are available for use. These apps can root only a few of the phones that are available in the market. Before running these apps, it is important to do a factory reset on the phone so that none of the data gets transferred to unknown locations. The phone will remain rooted, after which, a factory reset can be done to sign in once again. 

Rooting with KingoRoot App

KingoRoot app is the easiest options available for rooting an android phone. With a simple tap, this app can perform the end to end root function. The only trick is to get the app on the android phone. 

Since this app is not available on Play Store, you need to download the KingRoot APK and install it manually. It is easy to download as long as the mobile settings are modified to download from unknown sources. After installation, you need to click on ‘one click root’ and within a matter of 60 seconds, the phone can be rooted.

BaiduRoot App

This app supports a vast majority of android phones, unlike KingoRoot. It supports a lot of old versions of android; hence it is best used for rooting old android phones. While this app was originally released in Chinese, a translated version is also available for use. It is one of the most user-friendly and straightforward apps to use. As long as you follow the steps, rooting of your phone can be a cake-walk.

Rooting your Android phone allows for greater access to the operating system and also a significant level of customizing. Since there are multiple android phones available today, there is no single answer for ‘how to root android phone’. You can search for an app that works for your android phone and follow the specific steps of that app to proceed with rooting.

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